For Police Officers

Are you happy with your current tax agent?

Do you feel that you are maximising your tax refund?

If you answered no to the above questions, then read on:

have been involved in the preparation of taxation returns for people in the Police Force for many years. This experience has made them realise that many Police Offices do not claim all they are entitled to.

Did you know that as a Police Officer you can claim for things like:

  • the cost of using your car to travel to attend meetings or training courses that are not at your normal place of employment
  • the cost of buying meals when you work overtime, as long as you have been paid an allowance by your employer
  • dry-cleaning and laundry of uniform
  • a portion of your home internet costs related to work use
  • the cost of payment made to informants (provided you were not reimbursed)
  • a portion of your mobile phone if you use it to make calls for work purposes
  • sun protection costs, i.e. sunglasses, hats and sunscreen lotion, if you are required to work outdoors for all or part of the day
  • and much, much more…

service the Penrith and surrounding area. Appointments can be made after hours and on Saturdays during July to October. Meetings can also be done over the phone and documents sent via email or post, it’s that easy. We can provide you with a simple checklist to complete to ensure that you are claiming everything that you are entitled to.

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